UpperValley Solveig, Our Second Queen

Sire  Sunbriar Gifter
Sire Sunbriar Gifter
UpperValley Solveig
UpperValley Solveig

Our picture of UpperValley Solveig was taken on 11 January.   Sire Thistleburry Gift of Sunbriar is three years old. We have not introduced him to the "photo studio" yet.  A portrait will be made shortly

Solveig is a kitten from the 2020 litter born at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. She has grown up under rather unusual circumstances with no visitors to learn about other human beings. We did not find another breeder to transfer her to so we imported a Tennessee Rex sire from West Virginia. She became receptive on 1 January and now our "Queen in Training" is going through the new task of preparing to deliver and raise kittens. The litter is due about 7 March 2021. Solveig  and her suitor, Sunbriar Gifter. are both carriers of the recessive Tennessee Rex gene and therefore if she didn't sleep through here statistics class in school she will have one out of four full Tennessee Rex kittens

We weigh our queens daily during pregnancy and while nursing the kittens to be sure everything is progressing normally. Solveig's chart is shown below. Her suitor from another breeder will not be included on this chart.

Weight chart

For now the weight chart shows Solveig from about 1 December 2020 to the end of the year This chart will soon be updated to begin on 1 January, the day she was bred.

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