Tennessee Rex Development

The Tennessee Rex is a relatively new cat breed. It was discovered by Franklin Wittenburg when a feral cat had her kittens on his porch. Two identical twin males were different. Instead of being like their mother they were curly hair and had a satin sheen. He saved the two and had them evaluated by a well known geneticist, Dr. Solveig Pflueger. The kittens were determined to be a new breed resulting from a natural genetic mutation. Over the next 16 years we have developed this unique cat into a viable new breed. We are now ready to offer a limited number of these special kittens to cat lovers

In the development of the breed we also have kittens that carry the gene but are not curly because the special gene must be from both parents for the curls and satin to show. Most of these kittens are also available. They still have the demeanor of the breed.

Our one remaining kitten is being kept and will be bred probably in late December if she has a second heat by then and then be available as a young adult once the kittens  are ready for new homes or other breeders.

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