Kittens at one month old

Kittens at 12 weeks  old
Kittens at 12 weeks old


Hi All, 

I am very, very sorry to let you know that Gordon passed away, probably 11Oct2022.

I am caring for the kittens and the adults, slowly finding new homes for them all.  I'll do the best I can, but if you could be helpful in letting me know if you have interest in a kitten, have spoken for one, or have other resources, please contact me: Karen Anderson momofm3@verizon.net.  I am Gordon's daughter and have the task well in hand!

We are working on this page. It will combine both litters and a total of 10 new kittens. Satindelight Angelique and UpperValley Solveig each delivered five kittens starting late evening on 1 July with Solveig's first, a red and white curly hair kitten. Her last kitten came about 5 AM

 Shortly after her last  Angelique began urgently calling to let her into the nursery. She jumped in and immediately delivered a very active kitten. By noon on 2 July we thought it was over and had a head count of 9 (or a paw count of 36). One last kitten was born some time later.

Three day old kittens napping with bellies full, a precuror of the chaos to come . . .
Three day old kittens napping with bellies full, a precuror of the chaos to come . . .
Solveig and Angelique with their 10 kittens
Solveig and Angelique with their 10 kittens

Of the many pictures taken so far, here are two that we think are worth showing

We have completed assembling the cattery spread sheet for solveig's and Angelique's July 2022 litters and have prepared the weight for the first litter. 

Friday 26 August is the eighth week anniversary of the birth of both litters. Kittens will be available on 9 September.  As of today, 26 Agust the kittens are set for their first vaccinationyhat will be done at weighing time.

Pictures of the kittens at seven weeks old. I use a large doll house chair for a prop at this age .


This was the first born of the 10 kittens. She is a full Tennessee Rex and has very short fur. We have two pictures her to show her belly. The kitten with the most white . . .


The remaining two kittens with a lot of white. The one on the right is a male long hair and is spoken for. The male on the left is also a full Tennessee Rex short hair.   I'll add (Karen) that he is exploring like crazy, and not even afraid of me! Adorable!


More details soon


More details soon



More details soon 


We are still working on details of each kitten.. The full Tennessee Rex kittens are available to breeders.  now st 8 weeks old the remaining seven kittens are carriers of possibly one of the special TR gene and do not show the surls and waviness or the satin sheen but will have most of the other traits such as being extremely social. They are pedigreed but should be shown as household pets.All kittens have their first vaccinations (at 8 weeks). They may be adopted at 10 weeks unless you are first time owner of a cat or kitten. If so we ask you to wait until they are over 12 weeks old.

Fir more information please contact me either by email to ipxcat@aol.com or telephone at the cattery, 802 869 3456 


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