March 2022 Tennessee Rex Kittens

March 2022 kittens

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Satindelight Angelique of UpperValley and UpperValley Solveig each had a single kitten from matings with our stud, Gifter, in early January.

Both kittens are now eight weeks old and ready for their first immunization shots. They will be ready for their permanent homes about 3 June

Kittens  18 May 2022
Kittens 18 May 2022

First, Solveig's kitten, UpperValley Watson

He is the blue line on the weight chart.


And two days later  Angelique's kitten, Xavia was born.

She is the red line on the weight chart.  

We picked Xavier for a name but that's a boy's name so we went looking . . .
and found Xavia.  It's rarely used and English. 

This little girl finally has a name that we humans can use, but she already has two other names that only the cats can talk about (at least that's what author T. S. Elliot discusses in his literature.


At six weeks old the kittens still love to snuggle up to Mom's (or the other mom's breast for comfort.

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