Welcome to our web / blog site

Welcome to our web site.

This is a combined site that included our pedigreed feline, ALLPURRS CATTERY, our family chapters for the Maxwells and the Pughs and a miscellaneous chapter that may have just about anything included in it.

We are also hosting the UpperValley Cattery that is developing a new breed of cat with curly fur called the Tennessee Rex.

The setup may be more like a blog than a web site. It has been designed so the administrators can change, add or delete anything on the fly without the need to download a page , change it then send it back to the server. We weigh our kittens daily and add their weights to their health records.This becomes a chart of their weights that is updated daily on the web page. Rather than having a group of radio buttons to select links there is a complete listing of all the pages that are available to you along the left side of every page. Clicking the title will take you to that page.

We have suspended breeding Siberians and Maine Coon cats temporarily while we assist the UpperValley cattery with development of a new curly hair breed named the Tennessee Rex

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!


Gordon Pugh, PE
Michael Anderson, IT Adm.

Updated 1 APR 2016