UpperValley Melissa
UpperValley Melissa

Highball Sprinter's June & July 2016
Tennessee Satin Rex kittens

Highball Sprinter delivered two very nice curly hair and very vocal kittens on 28 June 2016. We were expecting many more based upon her weight gain.

Then she delivered two more on 3 July, nearly a week after the first two.

There are no kittens available from the June litter.

Individual portraits taken 14 August
are posted below

Highgall Sprinter's kitten Weights

Two curly hair red tabby kittens, Macavity a male and Melissa a female.
The second two kittens, both female and carriers of the curly hair gene but not curly hair. We have named them Misty and Mona.

Misty and Mona, the two kittens that were available as household pets have been spoken for.

MaCavity and Melissa, the two curly hair kittens hsve moved to other Tennessee Satin Rex breeders


First kitten: Macavity male, full Tennessee Rex Red Classic tabby

Macavity has moved to
a breeder in New Jersey


Second kitten: Melissa female, full Tennessee Rex Red Tabby

Melissa did not go to Poland as planned. She has moved to a new nearby breeder.


Third kitten: Misty
female. cream TR carrier

This kitten is sold

Misty will be moving to a new home
before the end of September.


Fourth kitten: Mona
female, cream
TR carrier

This kitten is sold

Mona will be moving to a new home
before the end of September.

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