The USDA, APHIS and H$U$


The Tennessee Rex breed support has been forced to move to another cattery as a result of actions by the USDA, lobbied into their rules by the H$U$
The UpperValley Cattery will continue to provide information to post here about the T Rex.

We have had to make some major changes here at this cattery. It is a result of new laws that were promulgated by the HSUS, an animal "rights" lobbying organization that solicits donations in the name of protecting and caring for animals, including pets and farm or industrial animals. They are a 501(c)3 tax exempt entity (for now) that provides less than one percent (yes, 1%) of their solicited contributions for actual animal help. Nearly 50% goes into lobbying and other tactics to get draconian laws on the books to push their agenda of no pet or animal ownership or breeding. There is more information about this on our kittens page. One of their upper management team also is (or was) the executive at the IRS who was found to be part of the IRS team that was involved with the harassment of political groups and others last year. The article below shows the extent that HSUS is involved with the corruption in our government and legal system.


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