UpperValley Pippin, our retired sire


UpperValley Pippin
Pippin was neutered on 7 July 2020

UpperValley Pippin, our retired sire

This very loving and now retired sire is looking for a good retirement home.

We have a new sire and need to limit neutered boys to only one in our home cattery.
We no longer can give him all the loving that he is used to and want to keep him happy.

Pippin was born here at the UpperValley cattery in February, 2017. At first we planned to neuter him and offer him as a pet since the genes he carries are promulgated through siblings in the litter. Physically he appeared to possibly be sterile but on the day the appointment for neutering was made he presented himself as a whole male for the first time. One more reason to suspect that cats can not only understand us but can read our minds.

He has proven his capabilities with a dam half again as large as he is so we imported a very beautiful red with white Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Colombia, Canada. He has also been successful with Angelique but we only had one kitten this litter. She may have had problems with the litter during the later stages. She has been terrified by snarling Pit Bull dogs kept by our nearest neighbor. Those doge will likely be kept inside by her breeding time next occurs.

Angelique waited until the new year before she became receptive again and she was right on time the first of January 2020. His next litter was born on 7 March, right on schedule, too!

As of 30 April 2021
As of 30 April 2021

Pippin is  a full curly hair Tennessee Rex adult who has been our breeding sire and is now neutered. He gave us 16 beautiful kittens some of which were judged best in the TICA PNB class. His "work" here is now complete and we would like to find a good home for him in retirement. Pippin is very affectionate and spends a lot of time wanting to interact with those he is with. He is registered as a Tennessee Rex with the International Cat Association and has also been shown in several cat shows. As a neutered boy he no longer has the instincts of a full male cat and does not mark or howl for a mate. He will make a great good household pet that should never be allowed outside.  If you would like to have this great companion please contact me by email <link>


At the end of January 2020 we brought a rescue female cat who was receptive and owned by a family in Walpole to meet Pippin at his "hang out" upstairs and let the two have an undisturbed tryst. It was successful and his next litter of four kittens was born on 8 April back at her venue in NH. We will receive one of her kittens to add diversity to the TR breed later on. One of the kittens is shown here on the right. The kittens have all gone to new homes.

Pippin's first litter with Mamagoldencurls is posted
on the February 2019 kittens page.
His next litter with Angelique is
posted on August 2019 Kitten page.

Pippin's next litter was out of Angelique in March 2020

Pippin has been kept as our resident Tennessee Rex Sire for three breedings, two with a domestic cats for genetic diversity.   He now has a litter in utero due agout 7 March 2021

About the end of January we brought a rescue female cat belonging to my neighbor in Walpole, NH,  who was receptive to meet Pippin for an undisturbed tryst. This was Pippin's final litter. It was also successful and  her four kittens were born in April 2019. She and the kittens went back to her home in New Hampshire.

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