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Young Adult Siberian Neutered Male Available


Our silver/smoke neutered sire is one of those "offspring that decided to live and mooch with his parents." Actually, his face had the look of a opossum when he was a kitten and was shunned by all those that came looking for a kitten. Siberians take about five years to fully mature and he has lost that opossum look and now is a good looking adult. Because he was rejected he became a bit shy and may take some time to adjust to a new family. He's shown here with his coat all ruffled up. He likes it that way. It's very soft and dense. Combing and brushing will straighten it out to a more laid back look but it still remains with some shagginess. A real bath would smooth the coat out even more.

He's a quiet boy and has outgrown the kitten playfulness. Would rather perch on a shelf or windowsill and watch over the other youngsters chasing whatever they can find.

He is one of our litters from three years ago and is fully vaccinated including current rabies shot.

He is no longer available. SOLD


Here is his full face portrait. I tried to coax him onto the portrait set but he did not want to pose under the lights. He has a very nice white bib that is not at all shaggy. I will take another two years for him to completely fill in wit the adult coat.

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Master Ferapont



Ferapont is not a Siberian but we are rather certain we know who his sire is.

Ferapont started his show career as a substitute for a young a Siberian at the Sherbrooke, QC, show in the spring of 2012. He came home a Double Grand Master. Next to the NE region show in Manchester, NH. That upped him to a Quad Grand Master and at the Mid Atlantic show in Reading PA he made Supreme, just in time for his final show as a Supreme at the NE Regional in Sturbridge, MA.

Ferapont is a sort of unadvertised special. He has been the lap cat of choice and is a solid member of the family. He is available to just the right family. A quiet couple that had a lot of lap time and didn't mind this large furball commandeering the best lap around.

He will put up with just about anything . . . Sometimes I will comb him over and over again for maybe 20 minutes before he gets tired of it and will get off my lap so I can get back to typing web pages. He doesn't mind three or four kittens climbing all over him and will just keep purring.

Interested? contact me at ferapont© (

He's a big lap cat the will purr while his large frame blocks reaching the laptop keyboard. Interestingly, he seems to be hypoallergenic and looks very much like our ForestWind Kir of Allpurrs. Hmmmmm. . . [/size]

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