Our Queens

We are working on the development of the Tennessee Rex breed at another cattery and have adjourned breeding Siberians until we have a working base for this new breed of curly hair cats.

UpperValley Pamya, Our senior Queen

Plamya is now retired and has moved to
a new home not far from Boston MA.


Plamya is a petit tortoiseshell black silver classic tabby who has a blaze of red on her forehead that looked like a flame when she was a baby, I gave her the name Plamya or "Flame" in Russian. It was narrow but as she grew up the red area expanded and now covers most of her face. She has delivered six litters of beautiful kittens, the most recent being born in June 2015.

We will not be breeding Siberian kittens until the winter of 2017-18 when the full time work with the Tennessee Rex curly hair breed development should ease to some extent.

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