Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, AUGUST 2019 Tennessee Rex Kittens

.Angelique's first litter here at UpperValley Cattery

UpperValley Radium, one week old

Radium is a Tennessee Rex carrier. He is red with white socks that are a bit longer than his mom's. Long straight hair since he carries only one of the recessive Tennessee Rex genes. He has a rather unique tabby pattern that we will show in the next photograph. When he was outside on the way to the luncheon we notices a sparkle in his rather unusual fur. It shines like glitter in the sunlight. The fur is also fuzzy, not like the rest of the single gene carriers. Worth more investigation. There is also some waviness in his whiskers, an expected trait in rexed (curly hair) cats.

UpperValley Radium

"Chairman" of the Board
and Chief Purring Officer

(even though he has not learned to purr yet)
UpperValley Allpurrs Cattery

This is our first litter out of Satindelight Angelique, a Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Columbia, Canada. Her only kitten is a male by UpperValley Pippin.

In keeping with tradition his cattery name starts with R, the next letter in the alphabet following our previous "Q" litter. We renamed him Radium at the request if Angelique, his mom.

He assumed the "chair" at just two and a half weeks old. He already looks like he will be a steadfast leader of the outfit. He is now just about five weeks old and is weaned. He spends most of his waking hours running, chasing just about anything that will move and climbing, keeping mom busy keeping him out of trouble.

He is also litter trained and on occasions manages to sprint out the door and explore our upstairs. Radium has discovered "teasers," those wands with a feather or fuzz at the end we use to play with the cats and kittens and really competes with his mom to grab it first.

Our second portrait is shown here. Radium now fills his post as chairman er... Chairkitten. This picture was taken on 20 September. Our next shot will be at about eight weeks of age when he gets is first shots (vaccinations), too.

He has now figured out the stairs and is exploring the new places like the kitchen, our "mud room"** and the shower.

UpperValley Radium is our only kitten from the Satindelight Angelique breeding. His weight chart is shown here.

Radium is a dark red long hair tabby male with very fine fuzz-like straight hair. He is a Tennessee Rex gene carrier having only one of the TR recessive genes. He will not have curly satin hair. However, when he was outside in the sunlight we noticed a glitter in his rather unusual fur It sparkled. His fur is also fuzzy, not like any previous single gene carrier. This will be invstigated

UpperValley Radium at his three day old weighing
(below) With moma Angelique watching carefully
to see that her kitten is being well cared for


At six weeks Radium looks like a real kitten. He has been chasing anything he can find in the bedroom, his home for the first two months as well as learning the stairs and exploring the kitchen and living room. Introduction to our resident cats is slowly taking place and we has gone to the Grafton, VT, weekly luncheon for a show and tell that included the Grafton sixth grade class. We will be taking him to church several times. No, not for the service but for the coffee hour afterwards where he will meet more of those things called "people" and be handled by the children that will wash their hands. We regret that he has no siblings to play with.
Radium had his eight week old vaccinations, a major step in his protection from the cat diseases. One more shot at 12 weeks and he will be fully protected and ready for a new home. He has a rather unusual coat and would make an interesting cat to father a litter with a full Tennessee Rex queen next year.

He is so full of energy that he is difficult to cuddle. If he's awake he's on the go. He does have a favorite time to stay close to me -- when I'm asleep in bed he curls up next to my shoulder even though he sometimes gets pushed off the bed if I turn over. He has not learned to purr yet. That is a fun experience. It usually sounds like someone trying to start a obstinate, stubborn motorcycle.

After a challenging first
day as Chaircat,
Radium is comforted by his
Mom, Angelique (left)

Six week old Radium (on the right) now ready to take on all tasks brought to him as the "top cat."

** MUD ROOM. A common place in New England homes. Especially rural homes. We have an additional season here in the Northeast called the "Mud Season." It happens when the spring thaw begins and the ground below the surface is still frozen. The melt water has no place to go so the surface turns into mud, sometimes deep enough to eat a boot or get a car mired so deeply that a team of horses is needed to pull you out. The Mud Room is our place to remove the mud caked boots and let them dry out. Also good for drying our coats caked in snow after playing in the white stuff all day.
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