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Pippin's six month old kitten pictures are
posted on the February 2019 kittens page
and now his next litter with Angelique is
posted on August 2019 Kitten page.

A note about the gap in reporting our activities. We had a failure in the process of getting our weight charts prepared At one data entry we lost the capability of saving data or exporting graphs. That was in mid April. Data has been kept in handwritten form since them. It was elusive. Corel worked with me to locate the bug including installing a newer version of the spreadsheet application. It turned out to be a problem with one of the graphs that was not detected when the file was saved. Elimination of this graph, the kittens weight, resolved the saving issue. Rebuilding the graph from scratch at first worked but then caused the application to stop working even before saving the file. A temporary work around is in progress. In the mean time we have updated the grqphs on these pages to data current as of 7 May, 2019

Pippin has been kept as our resident Tennessee Rex Sire for two breedings, one with a domestic cat for genetic diversity and the second with a TR gene carrier. The first litter was born 9 February 2019, and is now two months old. Our other queen failed to become pregnant. We plan a second try as soon as she +comes back into heat.

Following her second successful litter he will be neutered and offered as a Tennessee Rex pet
UpperValley Pippin
our sire

Pippin was born here at the UpperValley cattery in February, 2017. At first we planned to neuter him and offer him as a pet since the genes he carries are promulgated through siblings in the litter. Physically he appeared to possibly be sterile but on the day the appointment for neutering was made he presented himself as a whole male for the first time. One more reason to suspect that cats can not only understand us but can read our minds.

He has proven his capabilities with a dam half again as large as he is so we imported a very beautiful red with white Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Colombia, Canada. He has also been successful with Angelique but we only had one kitten this litter. She may have had problems with the litter during the later stages. She has been terrified by snarling Pit Bull dogs kept by our nearest neighbor. Those doge will likely be kept inside by her breeding time next occurs.

Pippin's older kitten pictures are
posted on the February kittens page

from Tennessee

Mamagoldencurls is our first queen and part of the continuing Tennessee Rex development program since we adjourned breeding in 2017 for medical reasons. She delivered our first Tennessee Rex litter on 9 February 2019 in the wee hours of the morning. The story of this litter is on their own page at February 2019 TR kittens page.

Mom as she headed home
Mom as she headed home
Mama and one of her kittens went home on 15 May with a stopover on Long Island

Mama's time here in Vermont is coming to an end. She and one of her cream kittens, Que, will be heading to mom's home in Tennessee this week (middle of May) She has been a good kitty after having spent two months adjusting after a terrifying surface transport ride all over the central and eastern states, She has been a super mom and raised her breed carefully. Not a single "mistake" outside the litter pan. A first for us after some 18 litters in the past 12 years. Her kitten, a carrier of the Tennessee Rex gene will be entered in the breeding program. Mom will retire to a life of leisure and chasing mice. .
Mamagoldencurls was bred by UpperValley Pippin about the first of December. She really had a "baby bump" for the last several weeks. We have included a photograph of her at about mid term. Here is her weight chart showing a steady increase as the kittens continued to grow and then her weight loss at delivery of six kittens. Her "maternity suite" is our bedroom where we can keep an eye on mama and the babies and also have them bond not only with their mom but also with humans as they become aware of their surroundings.
Because Managoldencurls is now heading back to her home in Tennessee we allowed her to breed with Pippin again before leaving. This will be a much too close pregnancy but she is a robust and dedicated mother. Based upon her recent weight increase it looks like, but "not for sure," signs of having a litter of kittens "in the oven."

We handle the kittens at birth and every day. This includes weighing them daily to be sure they are growing and remain healthy. It is important to develop a bond early so they will be at ease around humans and become well socialized. Our cats are all absolutely indoor cats.

Mama is an ordinary domestic cat that traveled the neighborhood, something like a "barn cat." That is why we bred her to a full Tennessee Rex. All of her kittens are carrying the Tennessee Rex gene but will not show the TR characteristics because the gene is recessive and has to inherited from both parents in order for the curly, wavy and satin hair to be expressed. What she does have is new and diverse genetic makeup, something that will strengthen the breed as we continue to work with new cats in the development of this new and spectacular curly, satin hair breed.


Satindelight Angelique
Satindelight Angelique
Satindelight Angelique, a Tennessee Rex gene carrier from British Columbia, Canada.
Our second queen is here for breeding with Pippin. She is the pick of the litter, carries only one Tennessee Rex special gene and really shows her beauty and lovely long hair. Angelique is a red with white and has faint tabby markings. We may need to change her color to red tabby. She is about a year and a half old with four white toe socks to offset the red. A purrfect temperament, she will become a lap cat in due time. Right now she is always under foot.

It looks like Angelique may be coming into heat. Good news! We are watching -- and so is Pippin . . .
Pippin and Angelique
Pippin and Angelique
Satindelight Angelique was thought to be carrying kittens based upon her steady weight gain but then something went awry and her steady weight started ups and downs. We believe she may have lost her litter very early in the pregnancy. She was bred again and this time delivered just one kitten. We believe she was terrified by snarling Pit Bull dogs kept by our nearest neighbor. .
Angelique has taken the place of Mamagoldencurls in our bedroom kitten nursery. She has been gaining weight at the rate we would expect but had two setbacks for unknown reasons. In the past one minor dip has regularly happened about three days before delivery but nothing like this. However, as the August 6 chart shows she had a large drop in her weight when delivering her kitten but we would expect several times that loss with a multiple birth.

Angelique has returned to her base weight of about 3700 grams (8 pounds). With only one kitten who is now very much on his own and has our whole home to explore we do not plan to wait to breed her again when she is ready. The new kitten is a robust individual and is trying to do things that his body is not quite ready for. So far he has not gotten himself in trouble that would require a call to MOM 911.

UpperValley Radium is a dark red tabby male with long and rather unusual fur, a bit spongy looking like the TR carriers in Australia. The disappointing news is that after all that effort there is only one kitten who is a gene carrier and not a full rex with curly hair. A new web page is set up for him. We have changed his name to Radium at the request of his mom, because he does have a sparkle to his fur when the sun shines on him.

Both Angelique, Radium and Pippin as well as all the other kittens are included on our master cattery spreadsheet. I chose to include the weight of both parents on this single chart (above). Radium has his own chart now posted on his web page.

The previous litter remains on our web site at February 2019 kittens , Mamagoldencurls' kittens., as an archive.

UpperValley Radium's (Angelique's kitten) page is at August 2019 kitten, Angelica's Kitten Page, where his weight chart is posted.
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