Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, APRIL 2016 KITTENS


This litter was unplanned but it could have been part of our outcrossing efforts.

Isabella, now renamed Istas, our much too young queen in training, went through her first and silent heat much too early. It was also silent. The resulting litter was very premature and all the kittens were well underweight. We thought one would make it but his digestive system eventually failed and we lost the last one on 18 May.

It's a rather sad day here at UpperValley. Experience reminds us that life is fragile and things don't always work out for the best.

When Queen Isabella reaches one year old we will plan for a new litter. In the mean time she has a lot of growing up to do.

(16-11 - 16-16)
The surviving kitten with his mom,
queen Istas on 14 May 2016.
We lost the last kitten on 18 May.

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