Interplex: Uppervalley Breeders And The Tennessee Rex, Available KITTENS

kittens available at ALLPURRS. We do not plan to have any in the foreseeable future..

Curly hair Tennessee Rex kittens will be exchanged with kittens from other Tennessee Rex breeders. We have and will have additional carriers of the gene this spring and some may be available as pets.!

Our current carrier kittens are at THIS PAGE(click)


Our February 2019 Tennessee Rex kittens are all carrier of one special gene from their father, Pippin. They do not express (show) the curly hair or satin. Some will be going to other breeders but we may also have one or two that we will not be able to use in the breed development. They will be available to good homes as spayed or neutered kittens. I ask for funds to help cover my cost of breeding these kittens.

We also expect another litter in April. Half of these kittens will be curly hair Tennessee Rex and are destined for new TR breeders, The others will be carriers just like our present kittens They may be available as pets. Keep watch on the pages in the index on the left for updates.

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