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kittens available at ALLPURRS at this time.

Curly Tennessee Rex kittens
are available now

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Tennessee Rex kittens
Four Tennessee Rex four month old kittens are now available to good homes. They all have short, curly hair. We have two males and two females available

There are three curly hair Tennessee Rex kittens available from this litter. They are the first of this breed to be made available to interested persons who are not breeders This is a breed that started about 13 years ago with a natural change in one gene resulting in curly hair and satin look in the fur.The breed is still undergoing development and could have some minor changes as the advance the breed to recognition in the cat world. One of the kittens in this litter has been shown as a household pet at the Westbrook, ME, TICA cat how and was best in class in 12 out of 16 rings.

We are making these kittens available for $500 to help with the cost of development and breeding of 61 kittens over the past four years as part of the the process of obtaining genetic diversity. This process is not done yet.

A very rare breed of kitten for you for only $500

The kittens are all red or cream, a dilution of the red gene. You can view the parents at the Sires and Queens page for Franklin and the Carrier breeders page for Highball.

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